[No spoilers Review] Justice League Movie 2017

I watched this movie yesterday and let me get straight to the point with this review, if you dont want to read the whole thing just GO AND WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW, is the best movie of super heroes so far.

Yeah i am a DC fanboy but i do not let this kind of thing fog my reviews, i also watched the avengers movies and they are not bad but they are not as good as people say they are. This movie, well, all DC movies like Suicide Squad are food for critics on the internet just because they dont adjust to the MCU rules (that are, honestly, very bad movies).

C for Cartridge

Well I know how cliché is nowadays to start a creepy story with the purchase of a videogame cartridge but believe me, this is on a completely different level to all those stories of drowned alien transforming kids and scary butt dolls, this happened when I was like 24, the NES MINI was just sold out and I was really mad because a certain shop cancelled my preorder so I went for the cheaper choice and started looking for the original NES, I still had some accessories and adapters from my old NES but I needed the console and some games.

A friend of mine told me that a flea market near his house had a lot of old video game stuff for really cheap prices, so I walked to his street and it actually was pretty alone for a Saturday night, one usually expect lots of kids, that’s when I remembered my friend said a long time ago, that this street was victim of multiple murders during the last two years so people don’t go out of the houses that much anymore.

B for Breakdown

My family is very kind, we always donate food and clothes to poor people, we love each other and we love all the people, we were just raised this way and well, I never tough we were going to regret it.

All this happened two weeks before the birthday of my little sister Becky, my parents picked her up in middle school every day and they noticed a little girl waiting alone all the time, upon asking my sister, she said that girl did not have any friends and her parents where are always late or not at all for anything school related.
My parents, being the good people they are, asked my sister if it was okay for that girl to come to her birthday and make friends, my sister loved making new friends and agreed.

A for Attic

My memories are quite blurry but I remember this happened about a year ago, I was recovering from a car accident that left my legs temporarily disabled, I moved with my parents because I was unable to do anything on my own. Every day for a month I was stuck in the guest room watching local TV because my old man was too greedy to pay for Wi-Fi or cable. I usually watched the news and some cartoons till late and then play some games on my old Game Boy Advance that I left here when I moved with my wife.

Mom usually will come and give me snacks and talk for a bit, then help me get to the bathroom and stuff like that, but the weekends I was all alone because they will help my wife clean our house, she was also hurt in the accident but not as bad as me.

E3 2017 Resumido por Gairokux

Somos mas que deportes...verdad?

 La conferencia fue como 50% deportes 50% starwars y no hay mucho mas que decir, hubo pocos aplausos y aceptacion del publico, creo que deberian dejarle su lugar a otra compañia. Basicamente se la pasaron diciendo que compraramos star wars battlefront por que ya lo arreglaron y hay updates gratis y todo eso.

-Star Wars Battlefront
-SW: Galaxy of Heroes
-A way out
-Need for speed
-Mas deportes...